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Enfrentando la época afligida de crisis, la iniciativa de Universidad Global para Sustentabilidad (Global U) apoya la proliferación de organizaciones locales y autónomas, y de sus interconexiones respectivas con el motivo de la sustentabilidad con justicia ecológica y socioeconómica. Global U se constituirá como un foro experimental para prácticas alternativas de producción, diseminación y uso de conocimiento, así facilitando modelos diferentes de relacionarse y con la naturaleza, en lugar de lo que restringen instituciones dominantes. Global U intentará transcender la conmodificación del conocimiento motivada por el mecanismo capitalista que forma individuos individualistas y posesivos. Espera juntar generaciones tanta antiguas y nuevas que se comprometen a lograr la justicia ecológica y socioeconómica, para articular conocimientos nacidos de las experiencias locales, reflexiones comunes, y especialmente la sabiduría de ancianos, mujeres y de las comunidades que defienden sus comunes y derechos. También tiene la esperanza de provocar un intercambio fecundo de iniciativas de organizaciones y redes para fomentar más interconexiones, experimentos con formas justas y creativas de interacción y administración de los comunes. Global U visualiza una nueva humanidad sustentable en la Tierra.

Communique of the Founding Members Community. No.1 (19 July 2015)

Dear Founding Members, dear Friends,

Thank you again for consenting to be Founding Member!

We are producing this Communique so as to facilitate better communication and interaction among members of this community.

After the official launch of the Global U on 25 March 2015 at the Tunis World Social Forum, we have been working on the websites. We would like to introduce you to the websites:

  1. Language versions

When you visit the website, please select on the top row the language version. Please note that we now have English, Chinese, and Spanish websites running, and hopefully, the French and Portuguese websites will work in the coming weeks. We welcome volunteers to help with any other language version.

  1. Messages from Global U Founding Members

Please visit   If you would like to send a video message, please contact us. The list of Founding Members is at:

  1. Highlights on the first page of the language website.

For now, on the English website, we have

  1. Greek crisis [we highlight the Delphi Initiative, and analysis by Samir Amin, Michael Hudson, Dimitris Konstantakopoulos, Wen Tiejun, and Erebus Wong]
  2. Chinese economy [writings by Wen Tiejun]
  3. Lawrence Grossberg’s new book Change the World.

The highlights on the different language websites vary. We welcome contributions to the debates, such as on alternatives for Greece in the current crisis.

  1. Featured Authors

If you send us books or articles, we put them under your name in the “Featured Authors” section. Non-Founding Members may also be included in this section. Please browse your page, verify your profile, and send us your books, articles, videos, etc., that you would like to be uploaded. All materials uploaded to the website are for free, open access, downloading, and translation into other languages. Copyright waived!

  1. Life Histories project

This is a project Global U initiates, and will feature video interviews with prominent scholar-activists on their lives and their times, their practices and their thoughts. We are also working on the online publication of a series of Global U ebooks (biographies, autobiographies, interviews) which are for free downloads and translations. The first four ebooks are in the process of editing and layouting.

  1. Conferences

We are uploading video recordings and PPTs of significant conferences, such as the Tunis World Social Forum 2015 and 2013, or the two South South Forums on Sustainability in 2011 and 2012.

  1. Courses

You are welcome to share courses in the academia or in social movements.

  1. Region

We present a selection of articles on the regions. We do not strive to be comprehensive because there are already so many good websites on world affairs. We hope to present succinct analytical articles, especially for debate. Greece and China are currently presented separately, and more countries or sub-regions can be presented separately if there is an interest in focused debates.

  1. Publications

We have uploaded all scanned publications of ARENA on to   Under PeaceWomen Across the Globe, we have many video documentaries.

  1. Topics

Up to 3 topic tags are put to each article, for search purpose. When you send your articles, please mention which topic tag(s) you prefer. The eight topics are listed at

  1. Partners and Links

Please recommend your organization or network to be partners.

The links can be browsed on the home page.

  1. Funding and voluntarism

As we try to be sustainable and not dependent on external funding, we run on a very low budget. We welcome any kind of volunteer help, eg., translation, website management.

We hope to generate debates and interactions among members of this community, with a focus on alternative theories and alternative practices for sustainability. You can email to <> and reach all members. However, we also understand some of you may not want to receive too many emails, so please contact us if you would like to unsubscribe from the email group.


In solidarity,

Lau Kin Chi

On behalf of the Executive Team

Contact us by emailing to <>